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if you can’t skate, you can’t play

The purpose of our program is to teach sound hockey fundamental to both the most advantage players down to beginners.

The Player's Edge Programs

Summer Clinic: High Intensity

2007 – 2009 Ages

2010 – 2011 Ages

Description: High Intensity Program were registration is limited to 18 players and 2 goals. The program is designed for advanced level players who desire to be pushed harder than most. Attention to detail is expected in every repetition. Standard station alignment: Edgework (little to no puck utilized) – all proper gained skills focused, Puckhandling – hand placement, balance detailed fundamentals, Game simulation – game situation station focused incorporating all skills needed, and a goalie station where 1 on 1 instruction is gained at every skill session.

2013 – 2014 Ages

Description: Age appropriate development drills limited to 24 Total players. The program is create positive learning environment. Exciting and rewarding stations that covers skills needed at the younger ages. Proper balance and skating stride, transitions, puck handling with proper hand placement, understanding how to skate and move with the puck while making actual hockey plays, learn how to compete for the puck and use their body to battle for position.

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Weekly Skills Clinics


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Advanced Clinic

Is designed for players age 8-12 with high level travel experience.

The Advanced Clinic focused on the intense individual edge work and strife development taught to high level players. Players performing drills at their top speed will allow them to compete in game at the same speed.

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Beginner's Clinic

The beginner’s clinic is designed to be a fun introduction to the sport of hockey for players age 3-7. 

The Beginner’s Clinic is intended for first or second year skaters with little or no on-ice experience. The stick and puck will be introduced, but simple drills that teach proper skating technique are the main emphasis. Players will work on balance, skating, posture, stopping, turning, pushing, and gliding.

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Pre-Novice Clinic

The pre-novice clinic is designed for player’s ages 4-12 with some basic skating experience. 

The Pre-Novice Clinic will teach the fundamentals of skating technique as well as introduce basic hockey skills. After a brief warm-up, the first 25 minutes will focus on balance, stride, edge work, crossovers, and transitions as well as puck and shooting skills. Attention to detail and high temop drills are the foundation for this group, making a destination for many players looking to supplement their weekly team skates.

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Private Lessons

We hold private and semi private lessons year round at many metro Detroit Rinks. Please see our list of program instructors and contact to setup a skill session.

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10/Sep - 05/Nov

Series I - 9 weeks

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12/Nov - Jan 21

Series II - 9 Weeks

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12/Nov - Jan 21

Series IIi - 8 Weeks

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How to Register

Registering your child is completed via this website. This includes the payment for the session. Class sizes are limited, so register early. Final placement of players into appropriate levels is at the discretion of the coaches.

Mandatory equipment

No player will be allowed on the ice without equipment for their own safety! It is required for all classes for players to have caged hockey helmet, hockey glovess, stick, elbow & knee pads, as well as a neck guard. We recommend always consulting an expert to ensure equipment is properly fit.

Birmingham ice arena

All programs are run Monday evenings, from 6:30-7:00 pm according to the season schedule on the ice at:
Birmingham Ice Arena
2300 E Lincoln St, Birmingham, MI 48009