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Angelika (Hauser) Gadlage

Started figure skating coaching and instructing for the Player’s Edge at 17 years old with a focus on positive reinforcement for younger students. After multiple years of success with younger students, her expertise expanded to figure skating moves in the field which required superior balance and edgework demonstration and form refinement. In 2004, Angelika she began applying her knowledge to hockey teams teaching players proper form in all in game situations. After many years of coaching teams eh now focus on youngers aged student needing to learn proper balance, stance and stride development leading to overall success as a player ages and skill grow.

Angelika (Hauser) Gadlage is an elementary school teacher with 30 years of skating experience. She has been a member of The Player’s Edge staff since its founding 22 years ago, coaching all levels, from tots to travel teams. Angelika believes, “That if you can’t skate, you can’t play.”